Yacht Management

Yachts continue to become larger, grander and more complex. The larger the yacht the more complex and the more attention they require: Crew, maintenance, refit, Classification society, flag regulation, international laws continuous evolving, regulatory changes, Charter rules, bunkering procedures, harbor / Berth bookings etc…

Owning and maintaining a luxury yacht has become a highly technical discipline with operations that requires highly skilled experts. The significant running costs and financial management must be orchestrated and controlled by a professional structure.

Yachting Concept has developed in the last 10 years a real know how in Managing large Yachts operated under commercial or private Flags.

Our managers, after 15 years experience as Captains of large vessels in the merchant Navy and on Private Yachts, are not only here to take care of all operational aspects of the Yacht but also to maintain the value and integrity of the Client’s asset.

Irrespective of location, Yachting Concept will take care of the whole management of the Yacht: Elaboration of yearly Budgets, daily Accountings and payment of invoices, financial reports, maintenance and refits planning, crew management and recruitment, port & berth booking during season, negotiation of insurance contracts, follow up of Flag State & Class certifications, and more.

By taking care of all technical, legal, administrative and human resources issues, we allow the Owners and their guests to enjoy the Cruise whilst the Captains and crew concentrate on providing the most secure “life on board”.

Yachting Concept has a comprehensive knowledge of Shipyards, Yachts construction
and an extensive know how in Yachts operation and maintenance,
whether under private usage or at Charter.

Deep Blue™ Management Software

When most of the Brokers nowadays work with “Excel sheets” and “Word documents” to manage Yachts of million Euro’s values, Yachting Concept has heavily invested in a new generation Yacht Management software, to operate its entire fleet. Our company leverages on one of the most powerful management Software available on the market now days, a full hosted solution in the Cloud on secured servers with 24/24 access for all users. Captains, Managers, CFO, Owner’s Representatives, Owners can access the Yacht account with different level of abilities wherever located (on board or on shore).

Among the numerous applications provided by Deep Blue™:

The complete set of the Yacht and Crew documentation is safely hosted on secured servers and can be monitored for all expiration dates, besides, Deep Blue™ allow us to be totally in line with the strict working laws ruling Yachting activities and with the “MLC” rules in particular. Besides, it also allows to automatically edit Crew List & Guest list under IMO format Accountings and financial reports can be edited at any time under professional format, with accuracy never seen before in this industry. Budget of the yacht can be strictly followed and daily expenses can be monitored, approved or denied by the Management in real time. All accountings of previous years are available in one click when needed.

Maintenance of the yacht is monitored on daily basis by the Crew and the Management, with automatic alarms on all expected maintenance and a framed environment for technical procedures. The software keeps track of all maintenance occurred on the yacht in the last years. All together, and after having integrated Deep Blue™ in our company procedures, we are able to manage in the most accurate and professional way the Yachts we have under our responsibility. Besides, thanks to the efficiency of Deep Blue™ we have managed to reduce by more than 50% the time normally spent by a Captain on administrative tasks, giving him back precious hours to be dedicated on security of the Yacht and pleasure of the Guests on board.

We have been operating luxury yachts for charter.
Should you have any questions or demands regarding our yachts, please ask us,
we will get back to you as soon as possible.